Hi! I’m Seulji, welcome to Blue Mountain Ministry! I am honored to have you here!

I don’t know about you, but I went through many things in my life which I wish had never happened and I spent many years trying to make up for what I thought was failure. I often asked God why, ‘why did He allow it in the first place?’

Did you ever ask God tough questions you never really received an answer to? I did. I needed much inner healing and deliverance from depression, self-hatred and shame, and it was the Holy Spirit who taught me freedom. He taught me to “come up higher”, higher than the world and higher even than the heavenly realms of evil forces. It is at the “mountaintop above the clouds” where all the voices are silenced except God’s voice. It is there where we truly get to rest in God’s presence and receive life-changing revelation about ourselves and God’s Kingdom – which YOU are a part of!

Are you yearning to come up higher? Are you thirsting for such an intimate, powerful encounter with God? I want to help you encounter the One who loves you and cares for you more than anyone in this world ever can. I want to help you to finally breathe and to rest in His love everyday. Join me in this lifestyle of peace and discover for yourself how pure and powerful He made you! Join me! Join our community of Spirit-filled believers who will help you live in abundance!

What is there for you to lose?

What I offer:

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