Women of God, Behead Mr. Goliath

This is a word for women who are empathetic and submissive in nature and who choose to go along with someone rather than dominate. God gave me many dreams within the last two years about evil spirits enslaving and oppressing women like us through manipulation and gaslighting in the spirit. It may happen through real men in your life who are naturally physically stronger than you but this word is to expose what goes on in the spiritual realm when you, as a feeler, let evil spirits harass you. I want to share two dreams with you and you will know this word is for you when God has been training you in battle and encouraging you to rise up and behead the Goliaths in your life.

In the first dream, I was chased by a man who literally bombed my window to intrude my space. He then hugged me from behind and made me watch him harass me in the mirror and there was another man beside me who was encouraging the man to continue. The first man had the face of a well-known actor and the second man was someone I knew personally. (When evil spirits take the form of someone in your life in dreams or visions, it can mean that they have such spirits attached to them which affect the people they meet.) Then they both took me underground to a party room. He made me sit on his lap and remain silent. He and his friends laughed in satisfaction as they watched “the quiet, submissive beauty by his side“. In reality, I was objectified and oppressed and it was the spirit of lust, which was operating mainly through these two men in my life. I henceforth quit watching any movie which had this actor in it. As for the second man, I forgave him and started hating and resisting the devil for almost traumatizing me for so many years through this family member. I had a follow-up vision where I saw the Lion of Judah roaring angrily at him as he tried to oppress me with his lust. I realized that God had been protecting me the whole time and that He was not okay with him for doing this to me, even when he did it unknowingly (spiritually).

In the second dream, I was no longer the one being oppressed but there was another woman who needed protection. I entered a room and saw a strongman (a ruling spirit) forcing a young woman to lie helpless in bed. He was not raping her but he was shouting at her and intimidating her to remain depressed and hopeless in bed and sleep. When she tried to rise up, he forced her back onto her pillow to sleep. I got angry and commanded him to kneel at my feet. He did and I took out a sword because I knew I had to behead him now. However, I somehow felt like that it was too harsh and brutal. He then, of course, noticed that I was hesitating and started jeering at me. After thinking for a moment, I suggested that we play a game where he has only options to leave. He was laughing at me as I was explaining the terms because he knew that I actually had to kill him or he would come back easily. I woke up feeling bad about my disobedience to God and worried about the young girl who was hiding behind me.

Afterwards I asked the Lord who this strongman was and He told me that he was “anguish“. According to Cambridge Dictionary, “anguish” means “extreme unhappiness caused by physical or mental suffering.” Have you been feeling extremely unhappy because of physical or mental suffering? Sometimes anguish comes from God but He never leaves you there paralyzed and unable to move forward like the enemy does in counterfeit. What the enemy does is to keep you trapped in anguish without repentance and redemption, robbing you of joy, hope, satisfaction, peace and above all: LIFE. He is draining life out of you by paralyzing you so that you will keep lying in bed and do nothing! He is manipulating you with his lies about God so that you won’t rise up in your authority in Christ and rebuke him in Jesus’ name!

The lust of others, anguish- what else? What else is oppressing you and keeping you silent and dormant at home? Why do you keep believing in the lies that leave you as a doormat to evil spirits? God has really been convicting me to not let evil spirits harass me! He said I am partnering with them when I don’t actively rebuke and resist them. We can no longer continue this way. We have to let God change our thinking, especially the way we think about ourselves. Here is a word from the Lord which I want to share:

On the night of 6th April, 2021, the word of the Lord came to me. He said, “Deliverance is key. Righteousness will come upon you as you allow me to deliver you. I’ll deliver you from self-harm. You inflict harm upon yourself. I’ve chosen you to be my vessel. I will not allow you to harm yourself any longer. Rebuke the spirits that harass you! Change your ways of dealing with yourself. I will no longer tolerate your evil ways. You are mine. Resist evil thinking, don’t think of yourself less than I think of you. I want you to come out of darkness. I am the life, the light that shines through the darkness. Step out of it. Imitate me, imitate my Son. Are you tired? Come, drink of my water. You are not alone. You are mine. Now go, my child, go about the day and let no one intimidate you. Be fierce and bold, let ME do that in you.”

I have never harmed myself physically (I had thoughts of it), so what God was addressing was that my way of thinking about myself was evil and partnering with the lies of the enemy. It was basically unbelief in everything God says about his children in the Bible. Do you find yourself in this? It’s time to be delivered and to arise and shine in your God-given identity and authority! The Bible says that we are children of light (1. Thess 5:5). The glory of God, which shines brighter than the sun, resides in us and shines through us into the world! Do you believe it? Pray for the Holy Spirit to unveil the richness of God’s glory and favor in you so that your innermost being may be strengthened (Eph 3:16). The Bible also tells us so often that we are God’s beloved, do you believe it? I want to encourage you today – and maybe fasting will help you to focus – to keep declaring these two things over yourself over and over again. That you are a child of light and the Father’s beloved. I also encourage you to declare in Jesus’ name the first verses from John chapter 1 over yourself and your family, especially the last verse:

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God. The Word was God. He was with God from the beginning. Through him, all things were made and without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” (vv.1-5)

This light dwells in you. This light shines through you and affects the people around you. Just receive, have faith; and give it away for free. Arise, women of God, let us be fierce and bold in prayer and intercession as we prophetically declare the Word of God over ourselves and those around us. We don’t have to feel bad for beheading Goliaths.

Seulji Chung

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