Part 1 – Taste

Welcome to part 1 of my Psalm 34:8 series! A spoken version of this you can find here. Enjoy!

Imagine your favorite food. It’s served before you and you take a bite.

Mmmh … imagine it just melting on your tongue.

Can you taste it?

Now imagine the same – only now, you hastily swallow the food as fast as you can so that you can barely sense the flavor.

Would you still be able to taste it?

To taste is to simply enjoy; to enjoy and to appreciate. You take it in, bit by bit. You are grateful for the pleasure you get from eating it.

This is the first part of Psalm 34:8, to taste Jesus!

To enjoy and appreciate the Word of God, bit by bit. To take in all the flavors that come with getting to know Him.

How about you? Are you a quick eater?

Do you usually swallow down God’s word in haste because you have to? Because you want to get something out of it really quickly?

Here’s a simple encouragement for you today: to just taste Him.

I encourage you to just enjoy the Word of God today and to appreciate Him for who He is!

Maybe even start with treating yourself some good food? Maybe pause a little bit before you start swallowing things up too impatiently.

Just enjoy, take in all the different flavors of God! He is good. He is so good. So, so good!

May you taste God today.


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