Let Us Just Be

Where is He leading me to? Feels like He is subtly but firmly pushing me to a certain destination. I can’t even tell how tomorrow’s going to look like and it’s been like this for more than six long months now but yes, He did help me confess last week that it’s good that He knows everything and that I know nothing. It’s like we’re in such a close partnership together that things shift everyday depending on the choices I make. Each day, I’m learning to rest in Him and to rejoice and to enjoy life as it is given. But no, not just that. I’m learning to cultivate my life together with Jesus to thrive even more. It’s like an adventure where I let go more and more of my agenda and just let Him be God and me be human. The original order and image being restored; finding my place in my relationship with Him. He is my Father and I am His daughter. He is mine and I am His.

So yes, I have no answers and no solutions and only God can save me in this season. A few days ago I saw Him, my Jesus, smiling at me before our enemies because He knew I was going to choose Him over them. He knew I would stand the test. That’s the confidence our God has in us. He knows we’ll choose Him above all the other gods and pleasures of this world, in the end. When it’s time, He always comes to our rescue. He comes with vengeance.

09/06/2021 S.C.

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