An Everyday Testimony on Healing

Yesterday I broke a bottle of glass and I accidentally stepped on one of the pieces. I felt a sharp pain on the bottom of my right foot. I looked and took out the (about 5mm long) piece of glass and blood came out of the wound. Once the bleeding stopped a bit, I put on balm and a band aid and tried walking but it hurt a lot. So I laid my hand on the bottom of my foot and prayed:

“God, I am going to go meet some people in a bit and I need to be able to walk pain-free. If there is any small piece of glass left in my foot, take it out and heal this wound now.”

I sat for a few moments and then I tried walking again. THE PAIN WAS ALMOST GONE! Today the wound is totally sealed and there is no pain whatsoever!

Praise God! He cares for all the little things. I encourage you to believe in the healing power of Jesus in you. I lay hands on myself many times and pray healing over myself. God oftentimes takes away the pain and even stiffness in my muscles. He listens to all the details! Of course He doesn’t heal everything but He cares, He really does.

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