Hello mighty women of God,

I’m starting a new series on 2. Timothy 3! God told me preach about it and to pick the picture of an elephant for the cover. So together with the invitation I have a fun task for you in case you’re interested: google “emotional characteristics of the elephant” and learn about the behavioral patterns of elephants in families.

I look forward to this learning journey with you!

Here is also a declaration according to Ephesians 6 for us:

In Jesus' name we stand firm with the belt of truth buckled around our waist; the truth which sets us free! We wear the breastplate of righteousness and our hearts are protected and covered by the blood of Jesus. Our feet wear the shoes of the readiness to proclaim the gospel and we take up our shields of faith which extinguish every single flaming arrow coming from our enemies. Our enemies are not of flesh and blood but of evil spirits and powers in the invisible world. We take captive our thoughts which exalt themselves above the knowledge of God and submit to the Lord, for we wear the helmet of rest and salvation which cover our head and mind. Our Lord is willing to renew our minds today! And we finally raise our swords of the Spirit, the very Word of God who teaches, rebukes, corrects and trains us in righteousness and who is powerful enough to break every chain! Hallelujah, the Lord is light and life in abundance and that light shines in us. The darkness has not overcome and will never be able to separate us from the love of our Father and the King of Kings! Amen.


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