A Filthy Mind Trick and God’s Genius Masterplan – From the series “Love Has Enemies”

There are times when the enemy tries to convince you that you are not ready for the new, even when God told you that you are. It is easier to believe the former since some of the old patterns are emerging. The enemy’s trick is to entice you into sin so that you feel guilty and ashamed. You think you failed, and I think that is the truth! You have been unfaithful (if you are reading this and nodding because you understand), but you have nowhere else to go, so you turn to God! You have learned to trust Him. You run to Him, you seek to be with Him still. That is why He is so proud of you!

I recently saw a movie where the protagonist lets his love betray him so that she can get to the place she needs to be. He is deeply hurt in that moment but he continues to do what he must do to move both of them forward. They do eventually meet, as the girl realizes that he let her betray him FOR her, to make the evil plans of the enemy turn into greater good for her. This is what sometimes happens with us, I realized! “Look at the great cloud of witnesses!,” I hear Him say. “You are not going through something that they did not go through. I declare you free, so be free! Tell those spirits to back off! Go and offend some people with your laughter as they mock the freedom that I have put in you!” My friend, if He told you you are ready, then you ARE. Do not fall into the filthy mind trick of the enemy. Wear the new man, know who you are!

You know when you sometimes watch something and you are in awe of how genius the writer of the plot is? Well, I then hope that you do not forget who made those people and not just them, but the entire universe!


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