Are you feeling weary? Do you need a refreshment? Listen to this short encounter with God!🙌 A text version is below!

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(Picture from Pixabay)


Today I was taking a walk outside, seeking an encounter with God. All of a sudden I heard, “Look to the right.” So I did, and I saw a small shop that I oftentimes walk by in my neighborhood; its name was “New-Look“! God said, “I’m going to give you a new look.” I got excited and asked Him, “what kind of look, God?” He said, “You are no longer going to look like a savior, but like a bride. Many are trying to save their families and friends but that has never been their role. Their role is to shine bright as a beloved bride, making people wonder, ‘Who is this that she is with? Who is the bridegroom?’

Lay down your burdens,” I heard God say. “I am giving you refreshment, a new look.” – should you choose to accept it! haha

Bless you, dear sister! Bless you, dear brother! Bless your December, this Advent and Christmas season; this season of family, which can be so challenging for many of us. I pray that you will receive the brand-new look of a happy bride this last month of the year! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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