Printed version of “My One”

Hello everyone,

I’m providing a paperback version of the book through amazon (link to product)! The printing cost is $2.15 per book and here’s an offer from my side to make it accessible to you at the lowest price possible while supporting my ministry: When you donate $10, you can get four copies shipped directly to your place – for you to keep one and give away three! I can send you author copies and pay for the shipping costs (author copies look the same as when you would buy the book, but I only pay the printing costs for them); the $10 would be the sum of $2.15 x 4 = 8.60 + a minor donation.

If you are interested in supporting my ministry in this way, please enter your name and address below, and how many copies you want, and send me $10 by clicking DONATE or using PayPal ( Thank you so much!

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