[Revisiting] “Prophets, are you really meant to be rejected in your hometown?”

This is a repost from January 3, 2021, taken from my former blog:

Shalom, my friends, and a Happy New Year! I’m excited to release this word at the beginning of New Year. For me, it is a message of hope and encouragement and I pray it will bless you, too. It is a word for God’s prophets who have gone through a lot of spiritual warfare inside their own families. These prophets have had their own family members come against them, be it immediate or extended family. They have shed many tears because of the immensity of accusations and slander (oftentimes witchcraft) coming against them. Before you continue reading this word, though, I want to warn you that this is not a word to soothe your flesh. Yes, your flesh, beloved fellow prophet! May this word convict you as the dream has convicted me and help you stand strong in faith about God’s promise of restored relationships in your family. There is an important role you play in His masterplan of peace. Let me tell you about the dream I had at the beginning of 2020:

In the dream, I was a spectator. I was watching a crowd of armed people pass by the main street of a town in the mountains. It was a dirty, old town packed with people who were cheering the army on. Everyone looked tense, poor and worn-out. Almost as if they were mad to kill and destroy their enemies. Then the scene switched and I saw a hut on the same mountaintops as before but further away from the town. It was by an empty roadside (the soldiers had passed by already). As I entered the hut, I saw multitudes of weapons hanging from the walls. All kinds of weapons covered the walls and even more could be found in boxes or lying around on the floor. The smith was absent but the fire was burning. I somehow knew that anyone could come into the hut and work with the fire to forge weapons. This was where the soldiers had made their own weapons or taken used ones from! I woke up from the dream with the sound of a marching army in my ears.

As lively as the dream was, I soon forgot about it until one day, in November 2020, the Holy Spirit gripped me in my secret place as I was soaking in the presence of God. Terrible grief overcame me. I was taken back in my memory to the dream and as I was trying to cope with the immensity of the grief which I felt deep down to my core, the Lord started speaking through my mouth: “my prophets have killed each other! My prophets have killed each other!” I was pulling on my hair as I was crying out these words because I just felt devastated! But then He continued, “do not write it down or tell it anyone yet because I want to provide solutions!” So I have been waiting for Him to speak again on this dream and I’ve been waiting till now to publish it.

Here is the interpretation:

Psalm 48:1-3 describes how God’s people find refuge in the city of the great King, elevated on His holy mountain:

“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised
In the city of our God,
In His holy mountain.
Beautiful in elevation,
The joy of the whole earth,
Is Mount Zion on the sides of the north,
The city of the great King.
God is in her palaces;
He is known as her refuge.”

I believe that the geographic location of the towns I saw in the dream (hills) represent the status of the people I saw: God’s children. Believe me that regarding everything I saw in the dream, I would never have even guessed that those people were His! Us! I thought at first that it was Satan’s soldiers marching into prophet’s towns to destroy! But then, this interpretation also is not fully wrong when I consider what God’s people have been doing for a long time. It explains why they all looked so ugly and distorted – so “enemy-like”. The town where people were cheering definitely did not look like God’s holy city. You see, prophets have been partnering with the devil, looking just like the devil, killing and destroying each other with bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred and dishonor! They were out of where they should be (outside the will of God). They forged their own weapons of warfare with their tongues or bad habits they learned from their mother or father or grandparents etc. (to even sometimes engage in witchcraft themselves)! Read again in Colossians 3:8: “But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander,
and obscene talk from your mouth.”

Prophet, do you find yourself in this? Do you find it in your family? Maybe it’s a sibling who is also potentially prophetic but somehow you are not in good terms? Let us not consider ourselves a victim but bow down before God in repentance for I heard clearly that “my prophets killed each other”. God put you together as a family for a reason and you have been killing each other, even when you maybe haven’t been “that bad” like the other family member has been to you. I have a holy fear towards God when I consider this! That I might have killed potential prophets inside my own family instead of building them up and blessing them with sincerity. “Against You, You only, have I sinned, and done this evil in Your sightI” (Psalm 51:4) Only God have mercy on us and breathe life into the dead bones (Ezekiel 37)!

Ask the Holy Spirit if this word applies to you and guard your heart wisely. May the Holy Spirit encourage you, too, through this, brothers and sisters! For this also means, that you may have a powerful prophet and ally inside your own family. When God’s promise towards your family is fulfilled, you will look like true prophets of the Holy City. If this word is indeed for you, keep persevering! Keep prophesying in faith and hope over your family because we all want to return to the Lord! Yes, it is true that Jesus warned us all about being rejected in our hometowns (e.g. Mark 6:4), but there should not be any dishonor between prophets who have been called by Christ to join forces together! No, let us stop using those verses to please our own flesh (i.e. remaining unrepentant), prophets. Let us stop seeking glory from people but from God only and let Him change us into His image. I understand your pain and the rejection you felt, I experience it myself and am waiting myself for God’s promise to be fulfilled for my family. But I pray that this word will encourage us all to believe and hope for the company of prophets all around the world.

So now, what are some strategies we can use for the upcoming days? Here are the things I heard from the Lord to forward to you:

1. There is a must-have key we all need to win this battle: MERCY. God has been speaking to me almost the whole year of 2020 about the importance of mercy. When Jesus talks about forgiving enemies in Luke 6, he says that we should be merciful just as our Father is merciful to us. We read in Luke 6:35-36: “But love your enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High. For He is kind to the unthankful and evil. Therefore be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful.”

Oftentimes our greatest enemies are those closest to us. Aren’t we oftentimes God’s greatest enemy? We are ungrateful and evil and God forgives us when we confess our sins. Not because we have done great but because He is faithful, He says (1. John 1:9)! Shouldn’t we then, who have been forgiven for free, forgive others also for free? (Matthew 6:15). I had a powerful vision at the beginning of 2020 even before I had the dream where God showed me that I will walk outside of His will when I don’t have mercy. He warned me that I would hurt myself. I had to learn it the hard way last year but I am telling you this so that you will realize the importance of humbling yourself before God when it comes to receiving this key. It is a gift which He will give to all of His prophets who are ready to receive. Be warned that He will not go with you if you choose to proceed without it.

2. The second key also requires humility for it has to do with HONOR. It does not matter how bad this person has been to you. You can be merciful to her and forgive her and still say or do things which dishonor that person. Start valuing her by asking God how He sees her. Start acknowledging her value with your mouth before God and infront of others, if you can. Use every opportunity to show honor towards that person (of course you shouldn’t overuse honoring words so that it sounds like flattery but wisdom will help you use them according to His will). Just be open and ready to show it as the Holy Spirit leads you. But first, learn to receive it from the Lord.

3. The third tool is FUN. You read that right! Sounds fun, right?! Recently I was taken into a vision where Lady Wisdom took me into the secret garden of my heart. She started playing a harp and out of the harp sprang the letters F, U, N (and no, please don’t think of the song from Spongebob haha). She whispered to me that this is an important strategy. So yes, just like it sounds fun, have fun with your family members! Do fun and silly stuff together, laugh about something together and let joy erupt out of the mundane, stupid things of everyday life!

4. Lastly, I want to share a beautiful tool Lady Wisdom gave me afterwards when we were in a cave. She took me into the cave because obviously, there was still a dark place inside of me which needed renewal. The thing I saw inside had to do with an emotional trauma I had experienced over the years from a family member and which led to fear responses on my side. At first this person looked like a monster which tried to devour me. Then Lady Wisdom gave me a set of glasses. As soon as I looked through the glasses, the beast turned into a crouching body. The person whom I thought was attacking me was actually a very vulnerable and lonely person who needed my care! She then explained to me that FEAR had led me to see this person in a distorted way. I had allowed it to distort my view and get intimidated. If you have experienced some sort of trauma from a family member yourself, ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom to overcome fear and receive healing in your eyes (heart). Ask for the set of glasses and you will be able to use it repeatedly whenever you find yourself going into defense mode around this person. This does not mean that you should let down your guard around this person and let him or her hurt you again. It means that you should not partner with fear and get intimidated. God wants us to see through His eyes, not through our wounded ones. He wants to assist us in that.

5. Lastly but most importantly (and I cannot emphasize this enough): BEWARE OF PRIDE. Pride is the breeding ground for all evil seeds that the enemy plants in your heart. I have seen it. God showed it to me in a vision once. When you have pride in your heart, Satan’s plants will flourish and choke the life out of others in your life through you. You will become his tool. We do not want this, do we? So be careful lest you fall!

One thought on “[Revisiting] “Prophets, are you really meant to be rejected in your hometown?””

  1. I got the question of why then Jesus was rejected in the hometown when He is our example. I thought I would post my answer here:

    “Thanks for asking, good question! The point of this message is that prophets who still have a lot to learn from Jesus (humility and meekness) can use this bible passage to soothe their flesh, thinking that their “better faith and prophetic anointing” is getting them rejected when, in fact, it’s due to lack of wisdom = lack of the fear of God. This kind of heavenly wisdom looks very different to earthly wisdom and is not based on vain-glory, fearing men, but only God. In the essence it’s pride, elevating oneself above others.

    I can be of good cheer, shake off the dust and leave when my conscience before God is clear that I’ve prophesied over someone with love for the edification of the church, and then got rejected because they were not willing to repent. But I’ve seen many in the prohetic blaming others for their rejection when it was their own fault. In that case, you should learn from Jesus first instead of quoting this verse to somehow deal with thoughts of rejection inside of you. You should repent, and not become more prideful and arrogant and try to take the splint out of other people’s eyes when you should take the log out of your own eye first.

    Not that we have reached perfection. But we don’t look behind but move forward to attain resurrection after suffering. When you’re mature, do this; the words of God in Philippians 3. I hope this blesses you.”

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