Announcing Deliverance Night April 6

Hi everyone! Praise God, I’m still fired up from a personal deliverance session with the Lord! He urged me to host a 6-hours deliverance session on Thursday, April 6th. It’ll be on zoom and it’ll be first come first serve; so, when you click on the zoom link, you’ll get into a waiting room. I’ll let people in one by one to pray with each for about 10min. Then I’ll ask the person to leave the zoom call so that I can let in the next one on the waiting room list. If there is no one waiting, we can pray longer together – yay!

I’ve never done such a thing before but the Lord convicted me for not using my breaker anointing so I’m making myself available for Him this week! Here’s the link, please come if you feel like you need deliverance:

Meeting-ID: 827 2444 7410
Password: 818188

Time: April 6, Thursday, 8a.m. – 2p.m. PST / 5p.m. – 12a.m. (Friday) CET

By the way, I can pray in German or Korean with you, so please come, too!

With Holy Spirit expectation, Seulji

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