The Miraculous Ways of God

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Hi friend,

How is your heart? I’ve been having something on my mind today and it might be challenging for some but not for many; I hear that for most it will be an encouragement to keep pursuing God regarding this matter. You are already walking in it with Him and He is calling you deeper. Regardless of where you are at right now – maybe this is the first time you hear the nudging of the Holy Spirit regarding this matter – I just want to say that God, our Father, loves you and wants you to be filled with His heart for you and your brothers and sisters in Christ around you. He wants us all to know Him better!

Today’s theme is forgiving your brother or sister in Christ. I might talk about this more often in the near future because forgiveness brings such healing to our hearts! It helps us resemble God’s tender, soft heart. It comes from faith that God cares for me and doesn’t want the wounds in my heart to rot and harden my heart. If I don’t have the faith to forgive, it is like building my house on sand and not on Jesus (Matthew 7:24-27). If I lose sight of God’s tender heart towards me, I do things that cannot stand in God’s holy fire because God is a merciful God. Where would I be without God’s compassion and mercy? I do not even want to imagine because it already felt so horrible when I remained in unforgiveness. It felt like living hell and it affected my entire life. Do you know that feeling when you are holding onto unforgiveness to have some sense of power towards the person who hurt you? You feel unsafe and you are trying to defend yourself. If it was not for the Father’s grace that pulled me back, I would be living that even now and keep blaming God and others and myself for the misery and probably do stupid things on repeat without acknowledging my sin (of mercilessness or unforgiveness).

I just want you to know that there is no judgment or accusation here. I perfectly understand when it takes a long time to forgive and when the process looks messy because I have been there! I know I will never be able to truly understand what you went through – only God can and no other man – but I know the agony of broken relationships among believers. If you have a strong desire to be deeply understood (because you are human) and you feel like that need is not being met, please allow the Holy Spirit to go deeper with you and keep pursing righteousness because it is written that God knows your need even before you ask. If you had needed that one person now, He would have sent that person to you. Maybe He did send him or her but that person disobeyed, that is why you ended up alone. However, even that pain can serve you now if you trust Him. God is always with you, it is in the name Emmanuel, God With Us! Decree it over yourself! He understands you more than you understand yourself. You can tell Him everything without the fear of being judged, for there is no fear in love. I just want to encourage you to keep pursing Him as your only, best friend and trust Him that He will send even that one person to you when it is really time because that is my life’s testimony and I would never go back and have it any different. I was terribly alone with no one to go to, no one who would really understand and whom I felt safe with; but God was there and He was my only friend. I learned to fully rely on Him when it comes to relationships. It took time to trust Him with my emotions and thoughts, but I realized at one point He already knows them – He even sees all my imaginations even before I have them! Where could I ever go where He was not? It is pointless to try to hide things from Him! And this is where the crazy love of God hits deep when you choose to have faith in His Word, because you realize that He always loved you the same. That means, He loves you at your worst. He loves you the same, no matter what you do. And only when you think you couldn’t get worse, He tells you you are growing! How crazy is that!

Some of you are angry right now. And desperate. It’s painful, I know. But He knows you are there! He knows the injustice done against you and He has the right measure. Oh yes, He has the right measure. Mercy means that we do not get the punishment we deserve. He knows the weight of each person’s sin. He knows the exact weight, and we have to be careful to judge with a disproportionate measure. The same measure that we use will be used against us (Matthew 7:2). We all have sinned against God and we all deserve punishment, but God is a merciful and compassionate God. He will deliver us to the torturers when we receive His mercy for ourselves but do not give away that same mercy to another brother or sister in Christ. That is the written Word of God, we must forgive our brothers and sisters from our hearts (Matthew 18:32-35).

So, where do we go from here? The answer is always Jesus. We would all receive such healing if we feared God and took His words seriously (Malachi 4:2)! We would walk in such freedom and be the person God meant us to be! Look at Jesus. He was the Son of God. Imagine being God and having to deal with all the humans here on earth who have no clue who He is (always misunderstanding Him if not revealed by the Holy Spirit) and try to teach Him and even slap Him in the face! Yes, we crucified Him! Imagine, too, being betrayed by your very best friends whom you loved to the end and ultimately gave your life for. We did that to Him! He was God, He did not have to go through that! Now look at your ego, can you do that in reflection of His Word? I mean, I would get embarrassed and shut my mouth before God because I have nothing to say! That is, when God perfectly humbles me (in order to rescue me) with a patience unimaginable, I stop begging God to use His mighty power and rain down His fire for intervention; well, I am just sharing honestly that I get you if you have prayed such prayers. But Jesus, you know – Jesus, He endured all that for us. FOR US. I say “us” and not “you” because that is where we really have to consider and love the Father through whom the entire family of God is named in heaven and on earth (Ephesians 3:15). Don’t do that to Him. If you have children of your own and don’t want to see them hurt each other, don’t do that towards our Father. God, who gave His own life for us and loves us so much. Do it for Him, and do it for yourself because God wants to set you free. He is God, He can deal with things. You, however, cannot deal with all the hard things without forgiving. You were not made that way, you were made to be forgiven to forgive.

Friend, I could go on and on and share many testimonies of pain and victory, but maybe more some next time. Just know I want you to be healed. Truly, that is why I said some hard things today with love. I had to learn the hard way and God was very gracious towards me that it was never too much for me with His help. It took years and years and yes, I am still healing but I am an entirely different person now. I am so free now, like never before! Do you wonder why I named this post “The Miraculous Ways of God”? Because it is always a miracle when His tender heart reaches our hearts and His holiness transforms us to resemble Him. Forgiveness is how we resemble Him. (“Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do”.) Oh, the glory of that! We can live heaven on earth if we choose to release that person – these people; your own parent, your sibling; that relative that abused you and assaulted you – from our hearts. Nothing is impossible for God if we only ask according to His will to forgive and let go. He gives us His Spirit so that we can. I can’t do it on my own, I can’t even want to forgive if God’s grace was not upon my life. Not by my might, not by power, but by His Spirit. The Spirit is our Helper. He helps me forgive. He does it through me, and it sets me free. The tightness in my chest goes, the heavy burden falls off and I can live my life, unbound from the shackles that used to tear me down to the depths of hell. This, my friend, is God’s promise towards you.

Let me know how I can pray for you and if you would love to have a small group of women to walk with you through this. I am willing to host one soon if I get enough reactions. Leave me a comment, send me an e-mail or message me on Instagram or Facebook. Love you. Till then.

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