Hello, beautiful ladies! We’re addressing ladies here because we want to launch an online small group for single women next year! We’ll have a chat group over Signal and meet over Zoom for regular gatherings.

Just imagine us sitting in a cozy lounge and having a nice cup of coffee or tea together. There’s good fingerfood, amazing friends and we have Jesus with us! Come, if you just need a place to heal and rest – a place where you can just be you and feel comfortable with asking tough questions and sharing things you are struggling with. This group will not be perfect (and that’s because we aren’t perfect) but we can love each other because God first loved us. And His love always changes us for the better.

Expect some crazy authenticity and a healthy mixture of serious conversations and playfulness! We are here to pray for you and to help you get equipped for the Kingdom of God. Are you ready? Come, there is nothing to lose!

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