“My One” is a 21-days devotional, a collection of prophetic encounters with God in visions and dreams, tested by the Word of God, to encourage readers all around the world to delight in the Lord first and to love Him as the One.

If you want a printed version, click here for more details.

Here are the German version & Korean version of the book!


3 thoughts on “WELCOME TO: “MY ONE””

  1. Day 9 is really speaking to me. I love that verse in Proverbs. There is something about believing for specific things that are tangible. We believe and know that we are made righteous by Christ’s sacrifice. Believing for prophetic visions and rhema words believe for something in the spiritual to show up in the natural. That increases our faith in new ways, entirely!! What a blessing that God wants to speak to us in so many ways. It’s certainly never boring.

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