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Part 4 – Happy and Blessed

What if you went to court for a crime you committed and were sentenced to punishment, even to death? Are you wondering what this question has to do with being blessed and happy?

Just yesterday I had a vision where Jesus carried me up the stairs to a mountain summit. The accuser appeared on the other side and started heaping accusations against me.

κατάκριμα (katákrima) = (from katá, “down, according to,” and kríma, “the results of judgment”); thus, the exact sentence of condemnation handed down after due process of establishing guilt.*

Katakrima. The enemy was trying to make me receive just punishment. But Jesus hid me behind His back and I remember just burying my face into His back and holding tight onto His clothes.

(For God, By sending his own Son, condemned sin in the flesh,) in order that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.

Romans 8:(3-)4 ESV

You walk according to the live-giving works of the Spirit now, not the dead works of your own flesh. The enemy cannot sentence you to eternal damnation as long as you remain in Jesus Christ. Is this not incredibly good?

If you do not see yourself as happy and blessed still, I do not know what else can make you truly happy! I mean it! I need to remind myself constantly about this, too!

Just look at His beauty. Behold His glory and remain there with a grateful, praising heart. And you will find yourself in a state of peaceful happiness.