The Faithful Gather – A Series of Prophecies and Dreams PART 1

It has been a while, brothers and sisters! Astonishing and horrible things have happened all around the world this past month. As someone living in a country that actively welcomes refugees from the Ukraine, everything that is happening on the east side of the continent feels much more real to me now than it might have been elsewhere. These past three weeks have been a mixture of a) working together with brothers and sisters in Christ to open up spaces to receive new Ukrainian friends, b) processing a series of dreams about the nations, c) searching God for understanding on the sudden decline of my own health, and d) leading the RESURRECTION bible study (FYI: you can still join!). Sounds like much, but God had already told me at the end of last year that I would be “sprinting” in March and April 2022 and to get ready for it, so I keep running; but you are welcome to pray for me for healing, faithful perseverance and steadfast love! Thank you so much!

So, where do I start? This is PART 1 of a series of prophecies and dreams I seek to explain. The next parts will follow over the next few weeks because there is much to digest and so many treasures to find in the written Word! Here are some impressions I had during prayer:

  • God is pouring out a spirit of grace and pleas for mercy as in Zechariah 12:10 right now so that a fountain may be opened for us to cleanse us from sin and uncleanness (Zechariah 13:1). This is happening in the Ukraine. In Russia. Everywhere. It is time for this. Receive this spirit for your unbelieving friends and family! If you are an intercessor, I encourage you to spend some time repenting on behalf of cities and nations as the Holy Spirit leads you, because the harvest is ripe, the harvest is now. God also highlighted Ezekiel 9:4 to me: “Go throughout the city of Jerusalem and put a mark on the foreheads of those who grieve and lament over all the detestable things that are done in it.” He is looking for those.
  • I hear there is going to be a blast in relationships over the next few months (March-May 2022). Old acquaintances are going to renewed and above all else, people are going to be plugged into congregations! Ask the Lord if the timeline of this prophesy aligns with yours, so that you may trust and receive or reject and wait for another timing. It is not your fault if you are still lonely without congregation around June, the time just has not come for you yet.
  • God is guarding over us. I do not say this lightly to evoke some positive emotion. It is a declaration of truth. I hear the Lord is guarding over us and placing His angels around us 24/7.
  • The end-time prophecies are being fulfilled. I am not saying that Jesus is coming this year; but the end-time prophecies in the Bible which remain unfulfilled are being fulfilled. This is obvious, of course, but it serves as a reminder that everyone is affected, not just Israel (yes, Israel, not Ukraine. In the end, it will be about Israel). If you feel led, you can spend some time going through the chapters in the Bible which contain such prophecies. May He give you strategic prayer points as you read and give you advice in how to prepare specifically for emergency situations. Moreover, thank God for a steadfast, persevering spirit among our persecuted brothers and sisters at this hour! We prophesy everlasting life over them as they choose to remain faithful unto death!

Alright. Let’s take a short break here. In the next post, I want to share two specific dreams and interpretations. It will follow in a bit.

A Dream Divine

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

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Last night I woke up from a dream divine. I had been together with my brothers and sisters in Christ, laughing and in full joy inside a castle-like building which was white and had a fine mixture of wood. I was wearing a princess dress and there were dresses inside a room which one could pick to wear. All of a sudden, I heard the sound of singing in the background. People had gathered for worship somewhere else in the house. I did not get to see it but I heard a multitude of brothers and sisters singing one particular hymn together in Korean. It did not matter if they were Korean or not because everyone could understand and sing in the language. I was fascinated by the sound of my brothers and sisters singing together, it was a divine moment! I was so moved in my heart and wanted to take up the stairs to the upper balcony so that I could watch them from above as in older church buildings in the West. But I met a little girl on the bottom of the stairs and we giggled and played together for a moment, so I got caught up before I woke up – not in a negative way, I loved everything about her and she was also wearing a princess dress. When I opened my eyes, I still had the melody and the lyrics of the hymn resounding clearly in my ears! So here I am, still in awe of this dream two days later and I want to share the hymn with you. It was originally written by T. Sasao in 1897 and is called “God’s great grace it has brought us”. The lyrics speak for themselves! God bless you, my dear brother and my dear sister in Christ! One day, oh one day we will live in Heaven, celebrating together, delighting fully in the Lord and in one another and living with our Father forevermore!

Verse 1:

지금까지 지내온 것 주의 크신 은혜라
God's great grace it has brought us All this way in faithulness

한이 없는 주의 사랑 어찌 이루 말하랴
God's unbounded love which sought us How can tongue of man express?

자나 깨나 주의 손이 항상 살펴주시고
His strong hand is watching o'er us, whether sleeping or awake

모든 일을 주 안에서 형통하게 하시네
He makes all things pleasant for us, In the Lord for Jesus' sake.

Verse 2:

몸도 맘도 연약하나 새 힘 받아 살았네
God renews our failing powers With His might from day to day

물 붓듯이 부으시는 주의 은혜 족하다
And in mercy on us showers Grace sufficient for the way,

사랑없는 거리에나 험한 산길 헤맬 때
Though the loveless streets be dreary, Harsh and bleak the mountain ways,

주의 손을 굳게 잡고 찬송하며 가리라
We shall walk and not be weary, Clasp His hand and sing His praise.

Verse 3:

주님 다시 뵈올 날이 날로 날로 다가와
Daily closer comes the promise When again we see the Lord,

무거운 짐 주께 맡겨 벗을 날도 멀잖네
Every burden taken from us, Every joy in Him restored.

나를 위해 예비하신 고향 집에 돌아가
Back at home my room is waiting, I shall walk in through that door.

아버지의 품 안에서 영원토록 살리라
Join my Father celebrating, And with Him live evermore.

The hymn in Korean