The Miraculous Ways of God

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Hi friend,

How is your heart? I’ve been having something on my mind today and it might be challenging for some but not for many; I hear that for most it will be an encouragement to keep pursuing God regarding this matter. You are already walking in it with Him and He is calling you deeper. Regardless of where you are at right now – maybe this is the first time you hear the nudging of the Holy Spirit regarding this matter – I just want to say that God, our Father, loves you and wants you to be filled with His heart for you and your brothers and sisters in Christ around you. He wants us all to know Him better!

Today’s theme is forgiving your brother or sister in Christ. I might talk about this more often in the near future because forgiveness brings such healing to our hearts! It helps us resemble God’s tender, soft heart. It comes from faith that God cares for me and doesn’t want the wounds in my heart to rot and harden my heart. If I don’t have the faith to forgive, it is like building my house on sand and not on Jesus (Matthew 7:24-27). If I lose sight of God’s tender heart towards me, I do things that cannot stand in God’s holy fire because God is a merciful God. Where would I be without God’s compassion and mercy? I do not even want to imagine because it already felt so horrible when I remained in unforgiveness. It felt like living hell and it affected my entire life. Do you know that feeling when you are holding onto unforgiveness to have some sense of power towards the person who hurt you? You feel unsafe and you are trying to defend yourself. If it was not for the Father’s grace that pulled me back, I would be living that even now and keep blaming God and others and myself for the misery and probably do stupid things on repeat without acknowledging my sin (of mercilessness or unforgiveness).

I just want you to know that there is no judgment or accusation here. I perfectly understand when it takes a long time to forgive and when the process looks messy because I have been there! I know I will never be able to truly understand what you went through – only God can and no other man – but I know the agony of broken relationships among believers. If you have a strong desire to be deeply understood (because you are human) and you feel like that need is not being met, please allow the Holy Spirit to go deeper with you and keep pursing righteousness because it is written that God knows your need even before you ask. If you had needed that one person now, He would have sent that person to you. Maybe He did send him or her but that person disobeyed, that is why you ended up alone. However, even that pain can serve you now if you trust Him. God is always with you, it is in the name Emmanuel, God With Us! Decree it over yourself! He understands you more than you understand yourself. You can tell Him everything without the fear of being judged, for there is no fear in love. I just want to encourage you to keep pursing Him as your only, best friend and trust Him that He will send even that one person to you when it is really time because that is my life’s testimony and I would never go back and have it any different. I was terribly alone with no one to go to, no one who would really understand and whom I felt safe with; but God was there and He was my only friend. I learned to fully rely on Him when it comes to relationships. It took time to trust Him with my emotions and thoughts, but I realized at one point He already knows them – He even sees all my imaginations even before I have them! Where could I ever go where He was not? It is pointless to try to hide things from Him! And this is where the crazy love of God hits deep when you choose to have faith in His Word, because you realize that He always loved you the same. That means, He loves you at your worst. He loves you the same, no matter what you do. And only when you think you couldn’t get worse, He tells you you are growing! How crazy is that!

Some of you are angry right now. And desperate. It’s painful, I know. But He knows you are there! He knows the injustice done against you and He has the right measure. Oh yes, He has the right measure. Mercy means that we do not get the punishment we deserve. He knows the weight of each person’s sin. He knows the exact weight, and we have to be careful to judge with a disproportionate measure. The same measure that we use will be used against us (Matthew 7:2). We all have sinned against God and we all deserve punishment, but God is a merciful and compassionate God. He will deliver us to the torturers when we receive His mercy for ourselves but do not give away that same mercy to another brother or sister in Christ. That is the written Word of God, we must forgive our brothers and sisters from our hearts (Matthew 18:32-35).

So, where do we go from here? The answer is always Jesus. We would all receive such healing if we feared God and took His words seriously (Malachi 4:2)! We would walk in such freedom and be the person God meant us to be! Look at Jesus. He was the Son of God. Imagine being God and having to deal with all the humans here on earth who have no clue who He is (always misunderstanding Him if not revealed by the Holy Spirit) and try to teach Him and even slap Him in the face! Yes, we crucified Him! Imagine, too, being betrayed by your very best friends whom you loved to the end and ultimately gave your life for. We did that to Him! He was God, He did not have to go through that! Now look at your ego, can you do that in reflection of His Word? I mean, I would get embarrassed and shut my mouth before God because I have nothing to say! That is, when God perfectly humbles me (in order to rescue me) with a patience unimaginable, I stop begging God to use His mighty power and rain down His fire for intervention; well, I am just sharing honestly that I get you if you have prayed such prayers. But Jesus, you know – Jesus, He endured all that for us. FOR US. I say “us” and not “you” because that is where we really have to consider and love the Father through whom the entire family of God is named in heaven and on earth (Ephesians 3:15). Don’t do that to Him. If you have children of your own and don’t want to see them hurt each other, don’t do that towards our Father. God, who gave His own life for us and loves us so much. Do it for Him, and do it for yourself because God wants to set you free. He is God, He can deal with things. You, however, cannot deal with all the hard things without forgiving. You were not made that way, you were made to be forgiven to forgive.

Friend, I could go on and on and share many testimonies of pain and victory, but maybe more some next time. Just know I want you to be healed. Truly, that is why I said some hard things today with love. I had to learn the hard way and God was very gracious towards me that it was never too much for me with His help. It took years and years and yes, I am still healing but I am an entirely different person now. I am so free now, like never before! Do you wonder why I named this post “The Miraculous Ways of God”? Because it is always a miracle when His tender heart reaches our hearts and His holiness transforms us to resemble Him. Forgiveness is how we resemble Him. (“Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do”.) Oh, the glory of that! We can live heaven on earth if we choose to release that person – these people; your own parent, your sibling; that relative that abused you and assaulted you – from our hearts. Nothing is impossible for God if we only ask according to His will to forgive and let go. He gives us His Spirit so that we can. I can’t do it on my own, I can’t even want to forgive if God’s grace was not upon my life. Not by my might, not by power, but by His Spirit. The Spirit is our Helper. He helps me forgive. He does it through me, and it sets me free. The tightness in my chest goes, the heavy burden falls off and I can live my life, unbound from the shackles that used to tear me down to the depths of hell. This, my friend, is God’s promise towards you.

Let me know how I can pray for you and if you would love to have a small group of women to walk with you through this. I am willing to host one soon if I get enough reactions. Leave me a comment, send me an e-mail or message me on Instagram or Facebook. Love you. Till then.

[Important prophetic message] The end times & the horses

This post is going to be long! But it is meant for some to hear now in 2023. Are you in the in-between and waiting, my friend? Waiting for something to shift, for God to do something – for you to finally catch a glimpse of light breaking forth like the dawn? When God announced a new era for the world to me a few years ago and told me to dive in headfirst, I was excited. It was time for the new wine to burst the old wineskins. Then years passed, my knowledge of Christ increased, thank God, and I had questions. I found myself in the little in-betweens now and then, before a smaller or larger breakthrough; I found myself waiting again and again, oftentimes crying out in silence because I had no words for the yearning inside of me! Only God could understand how I was hurting for the church! I was a part of it, and every single member, too, and she was hurting because of our sins. When I looked at myself and others, I lost hope; but when I looked at Jesus, I rejoiced, because I knew and believed what was written of His return.

I shared a dream in June 2021 about volcanoes and vaccines, and I did not realize until a few weeks earlier that I had dreamt of Revelation 6:12-17! Back then, I urged people to repentance for making a false refuge out of the covid-19 vaccines. I stand by it but I am realizing that the dream has more depth to it than just the vaccines, it is about relying on man-made refuges in general. For there is another prophecy I want to share related to that – but first, here is how the dream went:

“In the morning of May 22, 2021, I had a dream. The sky was dark and so was the ocean. My gaze was zoomed into two pieces of land which were floating on the sea. They looked like miniature islands. The first, smaller island hit a second, larger one and pushed it towards a third island. This island, however, was colossal! It was a massive volcano and it represented all the volcanoes on the earth. Triggered by the crash, the whole island started shaking. I literally heard the volcanoes cry out in a deep, thundering voice like a man. I thought I was watching a natural disaster movie in HD! The rocks started cracking apart and hot, glowing lava emerged from underneath. The island started foaming and roaring in anger against us, human beings for rebelling against God.

I was then led by the Spirit of God to a group of people who were on the other side of the island. The situation outside was so disastrous that they were seeking temporary shelter in a cave. They had put up a tent inside the cave and it was strange because they were all wearing the same orange uniform and lined up inside the tent. They were visibly scared and some of them were so terrified that they wanted to break out of the line and flee. As one man tried to, a female supervisor hit him on the head and commanded him to show her his vaccine certificate (note: she did not explicitly say “COVID-19 vaccine”). So he got his certificate checked and the woman put a stamp of approval on the orange cap he was wearing. The man then remained in line and the dream ended.”

As I said, here are the last verses of Revelation 6:

“I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood. And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind. Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place. And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?” (vv. 12-17 NKJV)

It doesn’t end here. Do you remember the dream I shared from September 2022? Maybe you remember that I was helping people to get on an elevator to escape the enemy’s guards and how I saw two secret buttons that led to two floors “above”? Here is what I shared back then: “… Meanwhile, I was trying to press a button that read “33” – it was a button that suddenly showed but I could not press it (there was a second mystery button with a higher number but God keeps the number hidden from me because it is not time yet).” I recently had a follow-up vision where I found myself on the 33rd floor (finally!) and God revealed the second, higher number to me: 39. The Holy Spirit highlighted Ezekiel 39 to me and please, listen to me: this is about the end times, all of this, because neither Revelation 6 nor Ezekiel 39 have been fulfilled yet! The point God is trying to make through me through all these dreams and visions for the end times is in the latter part of Ezekiel 39:

“You (= the remnant of God) shall eat fat till you are full,
And drink blood till you are drunk,
At My sacrificial meal
Which I am sacrificing for you.
You shall be filled at My table
With horses and riders,
With mighty men
And with all the men of war
,” says the Lord God.”
(vv. 19-20)

God keeps bringing me back this year to scriptures which talk about the people of God relying on “horses”. Look at Isaiah 31:1, for example: “Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help, and rely on horses, who trust in chariots because they are many, and in horsemen because they are very strong, but who do not look to the Holy One of Israel, nor seek the Lord!” This is the essence of what God is trying to say. Look at the people in the Revelation-6-dream who hid in the caves and united themselves under the same spiritual mixture (symbolized in the dream by the orange uniforms)! They wanted to face the wrath of God with a list of vaccines! I am sure that I only have a part of the mystery of how Revelation 6 is going to play out in the future, but I know that I am grateful for God giving me this message now. Because God is good and He helps us get ready for the return of Christ. I shared about Lilias Trotter in my last post while talking about the parable of the mustard seed. Here is something she wrote in “A Ripened Life” and I want to close afterwards:

“Have we not been brought into soul captivity by means of self-indulgence in these faculties (= “horses”), God-created though they are? and therefore most of us, as we go on, find that God’s hand comes down on the strongest parts of us as it came upon the horses of Israel (Zech 12:4; Hos 1:7). By outward providence or by inward dealing, He brings it to the place of death, to the place where we lose our hold on it and our trust in it and say with Ephraim, “We will not ride upon horses” (Hos 14:3). And in that place of death God may leave it for months and years till the old glow of life has really died out of it, and the old magical charm has vanished, and it has become no effort to do without it because life’s current has gone into the current of God’s will.”

This is an exciting time to live in! God’s grace is sufficient for each and everyone of us, and overflowing for the whole world in this new era! Welcome to the end times! It is no wonder we find ourselves in the in-betweens again and again! God is preparing us for what is to come. And as I said at the beginning, when we look at ourselves, we lose hope; but when we look at Jesus, we can rejoice, because His body and His blood have conquered! We are aligning with Jesus like never before, and the whole church is aligning with her bridegroom like never before! Hallelujah for the growth pains! Praise the One who was, and is, and is to come!

He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus! The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen.

Revelation 22:20

Seulji Chung

The Choice To Praise & Bless

German🇩🇪 version below!

Look at the ships also: though they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are guided by a very small rudder wherever the will of the pilot directs.

James 3:4 ESV

Hello, blessed friend! Today I have a message from the Lord about the will of man! The Lord is reminding me of James 3 today and usually, I would interpret this as a sign from Him to watch what I say and yes, it is definitely that – but interestingly, He is making me focus on the last part of verse 4 this morning: “… wherever the will of the pilot directs.” It starts with the will; the will directs the “very small rudder,” the tongue, and the tongue guides the whole ship (i.e. sets the course for our entire lives).

Here is what I hear from the Lord for us this morning: “Submit your will to me. I am working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what is good (Philippians 2:13). If you really seek to be pure in heart, admit that you are selfish and covetous. Do not seek to correct yourself with your own strength, just submit to me. Buy wisdom from above (Proverbs 23:23), a wisdom that is “pure, peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial, and sincere” (v. 17) and keep it as a treasure! Stop grieving my Spirit with your earthly, unspiritual, and demonic thoughts (v. 15). My child, my love is patient towards you and I am waiting for you.”

This word is for those who have asked the Lord for purification and gone through the testing this (these) past season(s). The Lord will have spoken to you about a specific thing, even warned you through dreams multiple times; He may have struck you with sickness in order to save you (you even asked Him to do that lest you keep rebelling against Him). If this is the case, this is my encouragement for you to surrender more deeply! A change of language starts from within. We can no longer praise God and curse the people who were made in His image at the same time (v. 9), no matter how justified! How can you call yourself free if there is jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart still? You feel like the Lord is too gracious and merciful towards them when you seek justice, right? No, be merciful as the Father is merciful! Seek the narrow path that leads to true freedom! In fact, you are blessed when your heart sincerely desires to release and make peace with those who trigger you, because then, you will be acknowledged by God as His child. We always need to change first before we start “working” on others. The Spirit of the Lord helps us to be free – where He is, there is freedom (2. Corinthians 3:17).

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
(Matthew 5:9)

But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.
(Luke 6:35)

Remember the Father’s mercy towards you. If you are wise and understanding, by your good conduct show the true sign of wisdom: meekness (v. 13). And to God, thanksgiving.



Siehe, auch die Schiffe, die so groß und von heftigen Winden getrieben sind, werden durch ein sehr kleines Steuerruder gelenkt, wohin das Trachten des Steuermanns will.

Jakobus 3,4 ELB

Hallo, ihr gesegneten! Heute habe ich eine Message von Gott zum Thema “der Wille des Menschen”. Er erinnert mich heute an Jakobus 3, und normalerweise würde ich es als ein Zeichen von Ihm deuten, dass ich auf meine Worte aufpassen soll. Und ja, das ist es auch, definitiv, aber interessanterweise lenkt Er meine Augen heute auf den letzten Teil von Vers 4: “… wohin das Trachten des Steuermanns will.” Es fängt mit dem Willen an; der Wille steuert das “sehr kleine Steuerruder”, die Zunge, und die Zunge steuert das ganze Schiff (d.h. sie bestimmt, in welche Richtung unser Leben geht).

Das höre ich heute Morgen vom Herrn: “Unterwerft euch mir mit eurem Willen. Ich schenke euch den Willen und die Kraft, ihn auch so auszuführen, wie es gut ist (Philipper 2,13). Wenn ihr wirklich danach strebt, reinen Herzens zu sein, dann übergebt mir eure egoistischen Begierden. Bemüht euch um Weisheit, egal was es kostet (Sprüche 23,23) – eine Weisheit, die aufrichtig ist, den Frieden sucht, freundlich, und bereit ist nachzugeben; eine Weisheit, die sich etwas sagen lässt und Mitleid mit anderen hat und Gutes bewirkt; die unparteiisch, ohne Vorurteile und ungeheuchelt ist (V. 17). Gib diese Weisheit nie auf und bewahre sie wie einen Schatz! Hör auf, meinen Geist mit deinen irdischen, ungeistlichen und teuflischen Gedanken zu betrüben (V. 15). Mein Kind, meine Liebe zu dir ist geduldig. Ich warte auf dich”.

Diese Ermahnung und Ermutigung ist für diejenigen, die Gott um Heiligung gebeten haben und eine längere Prüfungszeit hinter sich haben. Gott wird über etwas bestimmtes mit dir gesprochen haben und Er hat dich vielleicht sogar mehrfach durch Träume gewarnt. Vielleicht hat er bestimmte Krankheiten in deinem Leben erlaubt, um dich zu retten (Hiob 33). (Du hast Ihn vielleicht sogar darum gebeten es zu tun, solange du nicht immer weiter machst mit einer bestimmten Sünde). Wenn das der Fall ist, dann ist das meine Ermutigung an dich, dich tiefer im Herzen und in den Gedanken Gott unterzuordnen! Die Worte, die du aussprichst, werden sich erst ändern, wenn dein Inneres sich verändert. Du kannst nicht immer weiter Gott loben und gleichzeitig verfluchendes über Menschen aussprechen, die nach seinem Ebenbild geschaffen wurden (V. 9), egal wie gerechtfertigt das ist! Wie kannst du dich als “frei” bezeichnen, wenn in deinem Herzen noch Eifersucht und selbstsüchtiger Ehrgeiz vorhanden sind? Du hast vielleicht das Gefühl, dass der Herr einem bestimmten Menschen gegenüber zu gnädig und barmherzig ist, wenn es doch nicht gerecht oder fair ist, nicht wahr? Nein, sei barmherzig, wie der Vater barmherzig ist! Geh den schmalen Weg, der zur wahren Freiheit führt! Die Bibel sagt, du bist gesegnet, wenn dein Herz aufrichtig den Wunsch hat, Frieden mit denen zu schließen, die dich auf einer gewissen Art und Weise negativ triggern (siehe Bibelvers unten). Denn dann wirst du von Gott als sein Kind anerkannt. Wir müssen uns immer zuerst verändern, bevor wir versuchen, jemand anders zu verändern. Der Geist des Herrn hilft uns, frei zu sein – wo Er ist, da ist Freiheit (2. Korinther 3,17).

Glücklich sind, die Frieden stiften, denn Gott wird sie seine Kinder nennen.
(Matthäus 5,9)

Ihr aber sollt eure Feinde lieben und den Menschen Gutes tun. Ihr sollt anderen etwas leihen, ohne es zurückzuerwarten. Dann werdet ihr reich belohnt werden: Ihr werdet Kinder des Höchsten sein. Denn auch er ist gütig zu Undankbaren und Bösen.
(Lukas 6,35)

Vergiss nicht, wie barmherzig der Vater zu dir ist. Wenn du weise und verständig bist, dann zeige mit deinem Leben die wahren Kennzeichen der Weisheit: Freundlichkeit und Güte (V. 13). Und Gott gegenüber Dankbarkeit.