What Overcomes


Coming out of part 1 of “Listening to God”, I want to share the following sermon from David Wilkerson. The sermon is called “The private war of a saint” and if you don’t have time, I want you to at least listen to the latter half starting at 23:04. I believe that this is God’s message for us to start the year right. God bless you.

Acts of Deliverance

I just want to tell you today that God loves you. He is delivering you. Do you know why? Because He chose you and He called you and His call can never be withdrawn (Romans 11:29). Remember His compassion and faithful kindness towards you. Remember His love, let go of fear and draw near to Him! Choose life through faithful obedience and you will be able to delight in His abundant love!

The enemy is raging but let me tell you that God is sovereign. He reigns over everything and He holds the whole world together. This God chose you and He takes care of those who belong to Him! So be encouraged, my brothers and sisters, and lay it all down before Him! He is mighty enough to save. Just come, just come to the Father.