The Mirroring – From the Series “Love Has Enemies”

This morning I see a wide, open space. Everything is of the same color: white, light pink and purple – the colors of sunrise. It is surreal, as if I was standing in the clouds. My feet touch a white floor but even the floor is slightly covered by mist. 

I sense no limit here, I am free here; I love the colors. I start to dance.

‘What is this place?’

My memory turns to the pages two days ago when I was sitting in a café with Him. I asked Him what He was doing.

“I am speaking your language,” He said.

Funny God, what did He mean by that? Did I have my own language?

“You’re funny, too” He said. “I love the way you talk – the gestures you make, the smile on your face. … the emotions you touch, the thoughts you have.”

Weird God. I feel largely inadequate when it comes to my thoughts, how can He say that? He tells me I have His thoughts. I turn my head because I feel embarrassed but He smiles at me, and I smile back at Him.

“So, what exactly are you speaking?”, I continued.


I burst out laughing. “What does that mean?”, I asked.

“That I accept you.”

“That’s an interesting concept, God.” It reminded me of something I had read in the past. “That’s like when parents mirror their children’s emotions to make them feel loved and accepted.”


He said He does that all the time. “My child,” He said, “My precious, precious daughter! My darling, the apple of my eye! How I love you!”

I turn the pages back to this morning. ‘What is this place?’ Now I know. It is my heart. It is quiet and at peace. These colors are my favorite colors. I love this sense of freedom, the intimacy of just me and Him.

My perspective then widens: I am in Him and He is in me. ‘Cause as the scene grows thin, I see myself dancing there, on the palms of His hands, Him pulling His hands closer to His heart as if He wants to treasure this memory of me. And I cry because I know it’s Him. This is the One I love!

Do you want real intimacy with God?

Dear Christians,

When you want real intimacy with the Lord, learn to be still and learn to wait. Just wait and be gentle with God. Be like the woman who sat still at Jesus’ feet, listening to Him, or be like the man who rested his head on Jesus’ chest and was so close to Him that he almost whispered into His ear. Would you want to talk to a friend who only comes to get something from you and is impatient with you? Or would you entrust your secrets to someone who never really listens?

Don’t you love him? Is He not enough for you? Listen, God still loves you the same because He is a Father but even no earthly father would walk intimately with a child who does not trust Him and therefore always hurries to solve things on his or her own. Learn to choose the better. It’s a process but keep moving forward.

Isn’t it a covenant of love we have with God and not some one-sided drama?

With Love,