The Patient Love of God

It takes time for faith to grow. Some things just are not made right until we believe. Sometimes we have to go through a season of intense endurance to finally prove that faith. Without patience, it does not work.

Recently I had a brief moment with the Lord. I was lying down on a bench on a mountaintop – that is where we usually meet. I was just enjoying the breeze and the sun. I waited for Him to speak because His words always comfort me.

“Patience, my love,” He said.

It was that simple. He had promised me something and I would be blessed when I believed (Luke 1:45). He was reminding me that I needed to remain patient. If I really trusted Him, I would wait. That is, I would rest in His love, enjoying every day with thanksgiving, staying close to Him and always keeping an eye out for His ways to speak. If so, I would know when the moment comes. I would recognize His voice. I would know that it was God.

My friend, I bless your faith in this hour. I pray that you will let go of any striving. I pray that no matter how often you feel let down by God, that somehow your heart would be protected by Him. For the Holy Spirit is the one who works faith in us. It means everything to Him when we love Him patiently like Jesus did.

To close this up, I want to share some elementary verses about faith from the book of Romans. God bless you, my brave sister and brother in Christ! You are almost there!

“But now God has shown us a way to be made right with him without keeping the requirements of the law, as was promised in the writings of Moses and the prophets long ago. We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. And this is true for everyone who believes, no matter who we are. For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. Yet God, in his grace, freely makes us right in his sight. He did this through Christ Jesus when he freed us from the penalty for our sins. For God presented Jesus as the sacrifice for sin. People are made right with God when they believe that Jesus sacrificed his life, shedding his blood. This sacrifice shows that God was being fair when he held back and did not punish those who sinned in times past, for he was looking ahead and including them in what he would do in this present time. God did this to demonstrate his righteousness, for he himself is fair and just, and he makes sinners right in his sight when they believe in Jesus. Can we boast, then, that we have done anything to be accepted by God? No, because our acquittal is not based on obeying the law. It is based on faith. So we are made right with God through faith and not by obeying the law.” (Romans 3:21-28 NLT)

This Is For The Forerunners

Hello, my friend! How have you been doing? How has your first month this year been? Has the world already surprised you with things you did not expect? Do you feel like you are taken out?

Well, I think you are not. No matter how we feel and how situations look like, we are not! We are still in the frontline and we will fulfill our services for the Lord in Jesus’ name! Amen? I have been yearning to write a word of encouragement for us. When you have accepted the calling of the Lord and have been searching for His instructions to follow, then this word is for you as much as it is for me. By the grace of God we are launching our own ministries and He has been faithful with all our little baby steps these past years. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Do you hear me? Our God is faithful. And He is good. All the time. That is why we can actually launch our own ministries in all our uniqueness and with all our broken strenghts and weaknesses. Remember: at the end of it all, He is looking for those who produce fruits through persevering in faith (Luke 8:15; 18:8)! He is looking for faith in you right now!

As I close my eyes and pray, I see a girl running. She is running to see someone and she holds a few hand-picked flowers in her hand. She is running through a field of flowers and she is dressed in white. She is going uphill but it is not a steep walk. She is not in a mess nor in a hurry. She is not in the dark, no, not at all, she is in light! She senses the Father’s presence. She sees Him already, so she is running to jump into His arms! This is the picture He has for us. This is how we should see ourselves and what we should be doing right now. We are called to abide in His love all our days. We have a strong, never-failing fortress as our refuge, we have HIM.

My friends, we need to be patient! Imagine a patient baby who has a quiet, gentle spirit and laughs at all the tiny things because she is content and knows that she is cared for. Wouldn’t you want to be with such a baby? Waiting does not mean passivity. He has been motivating me to keep enlarging the tent for what is to come this year (Isaiah 54:2) and I know that this verse is not just for me – (active) waiting requires faith and IS the proof of faith. When we wait in patience and keep obeying Him in all the small things He entrusts to us, we will see His promises fulfilled. These are the qualities of the faithful servant He is looking for!

But now thus says the LORD, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through the fire you shall not be burned.

Isaiah 43:1-2 ESV

I’m telling you, you are not in the dark! You are not alone, He has never left you! I assure you that you are in the light and that you ARE a child of light! He is with you. No river shall overwhelm you and no fire shall burn you, not even your hair, as you pass through! You will launch successfully and the Lord will instruct you. So do not fret for it only leads to evil (Psalm 37:8). Don’t fear, for you will not be ashamed and don’t be confounded, for you will not be disgraced (Isaiah 54:4). Remain faithful, remain hidden in Him. He will make all things right in His time. He is making all things work together for your good because you love Him by obeying His word. And if there is anything that keeps you from obeying His commanments, I command those strongholds to break in your life! For the sake of His glory they shall fall! Amen!

A Word for Those Who Are Transitioning

Right now it’s time to praise in the middle of the mess!

Is God transitioning you into something new? We all know that there is a time for transitioning and then a time to rest and to enjoy the new. So no wonder that you’re in a mess right now! It’s like cleaning up a full-packed drawer in your house. You first need to draw out all things! You need to sort things out, discard some of them, if necessary, and then it will look all good and tidy in the end. Clarity will come, but you won’t have it now. It’s not time yet, so why rush ahead of God? You can ask God for clarity, for sure, and it’s good to do that, but don’t expect all puzzle pieces to fit together now. Ask God for faith and patience in the process instead.

I will tell of the kindnesses of the Lord, the deeds for which He is to be praised.

Isaiah 63:7a NIV

In all their distress the Lord, too, was distressed. It was no envoy or angel but His own presence that saved them. In His love and mercy He redeemed them. He lifted them up and carried them all the days of old.

Isaiah 63:9 NIV

About a month ago, God showed me that Isaiah 63:7 was the sword of the Spirit to use in prayer against heaviness and hopelessness. When we brag about our Lord and all the things that He has done for us according to His compassion and kindnesses, depression is slain!

Isaiah 63:9 also encourages us to believe that God is going to come save us, no matter what. Are you afraid of making the wrong move? It’s good to strategize but not to overdo it. What does the Holy Spirit tell you? Just do that, nothing more, nothing less. And even if you make the wrong decision, you are still His beloved child. You will only need to cry out to God and He will come save you. He will lift you up and carry you, again and again.

Oftentimes, when we get caught up in worries that we might make a mistake, we end up not seeing clearly. On the other hand, when we are still before God and know who He is and who we are in Christ, we see enough to base our decisions on what’s most important.

You are His precious child.

He delights in you.

He is so proud of you for trusting Him and making the move.

He’s got you.

He’s got your family.

He is never leaving you.

So keep praising Him! Give Him all the glory! Keep actively breaking off heaviness and any opposition in the spirit by lifting up the name of the Lord in prayer and worship. It’s not a time to lie disheartened in bed. It’s a time to awake and to reign in the middle of the mess!