A Burden We Need Not Carry

Somehow you go from “wanting to see someone pay for how they have hurt you” to “forgiving easily” and “letting no seed of bitterness and offense ever take root in your heart”. Somehow I am learning from my Lord to let Him guard my heart with His fire of love, like a secure and steadfast shield around my chest.

As soon as my thoughts start spinning because I cannot let go – because I feel bad for something I might or might not even have done, I remember to run to you, Father. Haven’t we worked on this for so many years now so I wouldn’t even try to work things out on my own in the first place? So I would’t even waste a minute with that? Yes, You have shown me a better way: to do it together with you! When I call for help, You come. When I say it’s urgent, You hurry to help and provide the best solution. I just need to listen and do what you say. I trust Your judgment. Your Word is confirmation.

So I choose to run straight into Your arms, Father! Every moment I feel anxious and fearful, I choose to give up the burden I need not carry. I was never meant to carry it; I just lean into your heart and breathe in your gentle and quiet spirit. I know You are GOD. Then I am calm and still before You. I let You fight for me. And You always win.

God Is Not In A Hurry

These days, whenever I press in into the presence of God, I see myself enjoying a quiet and slow resting time with Him. We sit at a table, He shows me things and we talk about things. He takes me to places and He slows me down.

I wish I would be more still to actually hear what He’s saying more. God is not in a hurry, my friends. He wants to eat slowly with you and talk with you. He wants to make you laugh, tell you what’s on His heart and woo you into His love. It’s right there where you rest that beautiful and life-giving solutions are revealed.