Love Has Enemies

It has been a while, brothers and sisters in Christ! I have been going through an intense season of testing and my cup truly overflows as I stretch out my thirsty soul towards the Lord! How are you doing? Has your trust in the Father grown? This morning, I see a dam breaking for Blue Mountain Ministry and powerful streams of water pushing through the bricks, silencing the voice of the enemy. Hallelujah!

May godly sorrow and grief lead us to repentance, allowing the Holy Spirit in us to just be Him and not who we want Him to be. May we say,

No, Lord, it’s not okay. I am no longer OK with my sins. My innermost thoughts should be about you, I should love you with all my heart, with all my strength and with all my mind. This cannot continue. Redeem me, do it for Your name’s sake and set me free forever! Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. I make room for you, Holy Spirit! I love you! Save me from ever settling down with less than You. I want my heart to want God above all else! Help!” 

Love has enemies. The people of this world do not like it when we lose our lives for Christ. The prince of this world hates God’s children. It is pure hatred directed against us but he disguises himself as an angel of light. If we are not careful, we end up partnering with him in hating our neighbors as we hate ourselves, instead of loving our neighbors as we love ourselves. Oh, but greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world! He has overcome!

He never leaves us but helps us and reminds us of His love – we only need to cry out and if we do and wait in patient love towards God, the Spirit turns the stony parts of our hearts into flesh. He sets us free from the heavy yoke of slavery so that we can rule over sin and not be slaves to them. He helps us be the person whom we were created to be. We need each other on this journey! Arise, army of God! Breath of God, come and blow over the dry bones, let the tendons and flesh be attached and lives enter their bodies! Let Your Bride, Jesus, walk by the Spirit of life, her head raised and shining pure and bright with Your glory! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

LOVERS OF GOD 5. “I am Yours.” (On 2. Timothy 3)

Today is the last part of our series! I wanted this to look more like a letter. These past six weeks have been a crazy journey for me to let God renew my heart so that I can be a true lover of God again. It was as if He was letting me be in this fiery trial so that I can prove my faith.

If you followed this series, you’ll remember that we talked about how it is only by God’s grace that we can even love Him. The very fact that God chose us should make us grateful, motivate us to live godly lives and lead us into a greater depth of revelation-knowledge of our Father whom we are to love.

In the battle against our own flesh – and how lost we are without the Holy Spirit! – we must constantly let God’s Word work mightily in us by reading His Word daily, letting His Word speak over us and aligning ourselves according to His Word through faithful obedience.

I want to encourage you to keep pursuing Him, with all your strengths and weaknesses and to keep waiting on Him to transform your heart. I hope that this series blessed you and I want to close with a confession which I am able to speak out from the deepest depths of my heart by God’s grace and mercy:

I owe you everything.
Take all of me,
You are enough for me.
I am Yours."