The Jewel Plates

Hey everyone, I was going through a collection of prophecies today and I found these dreams from the beginning of last year, shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine. Please take your time to pray about what God wants you to do with these revelations. If you are an intercessor, I am sure that God has already aligned us to hear from Him about certain nations and to release those spoken words over them.

In the dream I was walking uphill. I had just caught up with another man and his child when a group of people appeared at the top of the hill. I immediately sensed that they were ruthless and violent. They began to harass us with words. When we did not respond but continued uphill, they started throwing about 2-3 large square plates at us. The plates hit us, but somehow it did not result in fatal injuries. We were only stopped for a moment. There were different gems embedded on the plates; each plate was different and had a special value. I just felt that they were very valuable.

As the attacks continued, the man and I put our heads together. We knew we had to tell the world about these plates. We had to tell everyone that they existed and that they were really valuable. We had to tell them that certain men had stolen the plates and they didn’t belong to them. First, however, we had to find a way up, and the strategy we found was to pretend that we didn’t know about the real value of the plates. We pretended to be crazy like David when he fled from Saul. It worked and we made it to the top! We even walked past the men unnoticed because they were busy arguing with each other about how to deal with us.

At the top was a huge department store. I knew I had a “store” somewhere in this building (you can imagine going into a department store and having different stores next to each other) and that I had a hidden dwelling place underneath the store. The store was a disguise for my actual hiding place underground. I could do things from there undisturbed, communicating with God’s people. I also knew that the man and his child had their store somewhere, and a secret dwelling place underneath. They, too, had to go into hiding first. Meanwhile, the enemies were still having communication problems. They had made it into the building, but each was telling the other how to hunt and attack, and no one liked what the other was saying. Each of them was too proud in their own way. For example, one person said, “No, I have this special tool that I bought the other day to harm them. I will use this tool and not the one you think is best for me”. While hearing this, I made it safely to my dwelling place and this is where the dream ended.

In the dream I saw a group of people praying in a secret room. I was there, but fast asleep. There was also an elderly Chinese man next to me who was asleep. Then I saw a young white woman come over to us and waking us up, telling us that it was our turn now to pray for her. Here the dream ended.

The man and the child in the first dream represent Israel and the descendants of Israel scattered across all nations. I represent the Gentiles, but we are all followers of Christ; Messianic Jews and Christians who are the remnant (Matthew 7:13-14). The latter caught up with the former in a kairos moment. We are going uphill together to worship, but our plans are hindered by evil men who are sons of the enemy. The jewel plates represent nations that have unique value to God. The men stole power and authority over the nations and try to hinder us from worshipping, but they can only hurt us, not kill us! We need to wake up to our God-given purposes for the nations because it is much needed and precious in God’s eyes for the end times. The enemy has outplayed himself, the pride of men leads to their downfall. They will keep fighting with each other but good for us!

Unfortunately, even the upper hill is compromised by the powers of this world (the department store). The enemy wants us to partake in it. The department store has just about anything you could ever need and gain from this world. The remnant, however, has a secret hiding place at their locations. They have a way of communicating the truth and staying in communion with other believers around the world. God provides such protection and shelter.

The second dream is tied to the first but more specific: I represent the Korean church, and the old age of the Chinese man stands for the wisdom the Chinese underground church holds. I believe the young woman represented the Ukrainian church. She told us that it was our turn to pray for her now.

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