When His Love Seems Miles Away

When His love seems miles away
Come back to the truth
Never enter into holiness
Looking back at what you did
Rely on Heavenly wisdom
That it is finished after all
That what is done, is done
And done on the cross

Why look back, searching for answers
When God is ahead of you, giving you answers
Why look around, to the left and to the right
Because God is not enough for you
When nothing can and no one will ever fulfill you

How do you attain such satisfaction?
How does God become your delight?
When you do it by faith, not by emotions
When you declare that you are His and His only

There is more to life than selfishness
Healing comes in togetherness
So embrace your holy identity as one not belonging to this world
And come back to when He first loved you
Because He always loved you first

Look at the start, the space before time
The presence of love forming you, just you
Bearing you and breathing life into you
Just you

Come on, hear His whisper to return
Hear His heart as He calls you forth
Aspire to know Him above all else
Worship Him, in spirit and truth!

Before you know, you will have changed
No more resisting who your Father is
Do you even know what this means?
It means you’re different, born to a King

Dunamis! I declare dunamis!
Dunamis! Let the wind blow!
Dunamis! Bring your children back
Bring them from the north and from the south
Bring them from the east, and from the west!


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